We Specialize in Kitchen, Bath, and Sump Pump Plumbing.

For over 100 years, Sinks-N-Sumps has served the the Chicago area by specializing kitchen, bath, and sump pump plumbing services.

Whether you have a leak or clog that needs clearing or require a new faucet, toilet, or sump pump, we can send a highly skilled plumbing specialist to your location within an hour to fulfill your plumbing needs.


Residential Plumbing

From leaky faucets to clogged toilets, residential plumbing has been our bread-and-butter for nearly a century. Whether you need regular maintenance on your pipes or emergency plumbing services, our capable team is on-call 24/7 to fulfill all of your household plumbing needs.

Installations and Repairs

Common bath and kitchen fixtures like towel racks and tiles may be a breeze for most, but what about more complex plumbing equipment like sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps? Installing these devices can be a complex task for even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast.

When the job is too difficult, you call on the professionals. We offer installation services for most plumbing fixtures and equipment. If your attempts to install it yourself have left it broken, don’t worry. We provide repair services as well.


Kitchens and Bathrooms

We have decades of experience in handling all kinds of kitchen and bathroom projects. Whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen, or have a bathroom emergency that needs correcting, call on us to sort it out for you.

Rapid Response Stories


Mike S.

“I called Dominic and he was able to come out to my condo within an hour. While on the phone with him he asked me a few questions about my garbage disposal and quoted me a fair price and came out and fixed the issue within minutes and knew what was wrong right away.

 Dominic walked me through all my options and was extremely helpful. I highly recommend him.

 Honest, Fair, and overall just a great guy.”


Jim W.

“My wife and I own a duplex condo where the lower level is below street level. We had been experiencing a sewage smell which had been worsening over time. The smell was emanating from what I thought was a sump pump, so I searched on Google for a plumber who could assist with this issue and found Dominick.

Dominick was fantastic. When I first called, he answered the phone and asked me to send him some photos of the sump pump so that he could diagnose the issue. Dominick immediately informed me that I had a sewage pump, not a sump pump. Also, someone who apparently was not a plumber had installed a backup sump pump, instead of a backup sewage pump, which was completely improper and was causing some of the problems.

Dominick quoted me a price to come over and replace the pump with a new sewage pump. He was very thorough and spent about 7 hours removing the old pumps and installing a new sewage pump. He also replaced some PVC piping which had been incorrectly installed. He sealed the piping and the metal cover over the sump pit. Dominick additionally replaced a valve in the piping which had been loudly slamming shut every time the sewage pump expelled wastewater; he installed a type of dampener which eliminated the slamming sound.

I am very pleased with Dominick's work as the sewage smell is completely gone and the new sewage pump has been working well. I would definitely hire him again, particularly for complex projects.”


Cindy C.

“Once again, Dominick comes through! After getting a call from my neighbor that she was getting water in her unit from my guest bath, I immediately called Dominick.

He was there within 24 hours of my call. After removing our toilet, he found the seal between the pipe and the toilet was completely broken. He not only replaced the seal, he created a *customized* seal on the spot because we have older, larger pipes. Despite the fact this required extra work and more time, he gave me a break on the cost of his time.

Also, during the time he was here, I had to get on a business call that I couldn't reschedule. Dominick was more than ok with it, wrapped up everything he needed to (billing, etc) with me before the call and even volunteered to communicate with my neighbor while I was on my call so he could test his work and make sure our neighbor wasn't seeing any additional leaks.

He's a complete professional and someone you can trust. We are so grateful we found him and will always turn to him for our plumbing needs!”


Aly W.

“Dominick was a dream. Thanks to other reviewers on Yelp, my husband and I called Dominick to fix our leaky sink (note: he was a new plumber for us as the leaks have been "fixed" 3 times before to hold out for a month or two and then break again).

He showed up same-day, giving us a heads up before he was coming so that we could ensure one of us was home from work to let him in. Although we thought the problem was simple and would be a quick fix, Dominick discovered what other plumbers hadn't: a leaky hose. Literally, the entire hose had small leaks in it and the water was draining into the cabinet below the sink. We live in a rental, so Dominick was patient as I worked to contact our landlord to confirm how she wanted to handle and ultimately we ended up getting a new faucet because the hose would not properly detach without doing further damage.

Although he had plans that night, he altered them and stayed until the job was done. I felt like I learned a lot and received very high quality and custom service from Dominick. Can't recommend enough!”


Daniel C.

“I called Dominick at Sinks-N-Sumps Saturday to schedule an appointment due to a kitchen sink not draining.

I didn't consider it an emergency and I was willing to wait until I was off work during the week on Tuesday to be home fortunately but I believe he would have been able to see me that evening if I had asked.

He actually called me this evening to see if I would want him to stop by tonight instead; I said I was and he was over at a reasonable hour.

He was professional and friendly. Took a quick look and was able to immediately determine some issues with the pipe however he did come up with 3 steps in a list of possible solutions with increasing invasiveness. Each step was explicitly explained with accompanying price points.

We were fortunately able to stop after step 1 and I am very happy with how my sink is doing now.

He gave me several tips for keeping it running smoothly and advised me what issues may arise in the future as well as possible solutions for those outcomes.

The price was right.

Service was excellent.

I would heartily recommend Sinks-N-Sumps to anyone needing plumbing work.”


Mike K.

“I highly recommend Dominick and Sinks-N-Sumps for any plumbing need.

We had a toilet leak on a Sunday. Called Sinks-N-Sumps and left a message. Dominick called me back less than 5 minutes later.

We only have one bathroom, so he adjusted his schedule to come out first thing Monday morning. So helpful!

He came with an assistant. They quickly found the source of the leak and corrected it. They also stayed and helped with the bathroom sink which had a loose stopper. 

I have to say Dominick is down to earth and easy to communicate with. He explained the problem succinctly and was upfront with all pricking(which seemed fair).

They were in and out in 30 minutes. I hope they are still this accessible next time we need them!”